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We Equip Leaders for Gospel Centered Ministry in the Local Church


The Sacred City Church Residency is devoted to EQUIP, TRAIN, and PREPARE MEN for gospel centered-ministry. With two tracks to choose from, this residency will help clarify a Pastoral and/or Church Planting calling on the man’s life. This residency focuses on three things:

The Man

Rescued. Called. Qualified. Dependent. Skilled. Shepherding. Determined.

The Message

Historical. Salvation-accomplishing. Christ-centered. Sin-exposing. Idol-shattering.

The Mission

Compassion. Church. Contextualization. Care. City Transformation.

It is our desire to IMMERSE, EQUIP, and RELEASE leaders to lead or plant gospel-centered, reproducing, missional churches. This residency is designed to give prospective planters and pastors hands-on experience and equipping for ministry in the local church. 

Hear from Pastor Justin Dean as he gives insight into both the Church Planting and Pastoral Residencies. 

This residency has a tri-perspectival focus developing the HEAD, HEART, and HANDS of the participant. Each participant will have their own personalized development plan and schedule. This residency is not a one size fits all approach. Some leaders need two years of development before they are ready to lead in the local church or be sent out to plant and some only need 6 months. Each participant will be assessed and trained in the 10 Characteristics and 60 Micro-skills of a Church Planter. 

10 CHARACTERISTICS and 60 Micro-Skills

Spiritual Vitality
   1. He gives evidence of a personal relationship with Jesus and a transformed life.
   2. He has a vibrant devotional life, prayer life and spiritual disciplines.
   3. He has a deep commitment to Biblical authority.
   4. He shows evidence of the fruit of the Spirit and that the gospel is presently at work in his life.
   5. He gives evidence of a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led and Spirit-controlled life.
   6. He confesses the life of an Elder above reproach.
Theological Clarity
   1. He possesses a clear understanding of the doctrines of faith.
   2. He has a right understanding of the centrality of the gospel.
   3. He holds to a Reformed soteriology.
   4. He is committed to the local church as an expression of a gospel community on mission.
   5. He exercises grace toward those who hold to other views of theology. 
   6. He holds to an ecclesiological model of Father-Son-Spirit to male elders congregation.
  7. He demonstrates an ability to learn, grasp and communicate theological concepts.
Clarity & Strength of Calling
   1. He communicates a compelling personal call to plant a church in this area at this time.
   2. His wife shares his calling to plant.
   3. He has demonstrated commitment and sacrifice in obeying the call to plant a church.
   4. He has a clear, compelling vision for the church plant that motivates others.
   5. He has been commended for ministry by the sending church.
Strength of Marriage and Family Life
   1. He exhibits a healthy marriage (loving, serving, mutual submission, kind, communicative, respectful).
   2. He demonstrates integrity and stewardship in managing finances.
   3. His family members exhibit joy in serving the mission.
   4. He has shown commitment to raising and providing for his family in an exemplary way.
   5. He understands the balance with family and ministry.
   6. He professes healthy sexual relationship and purity in his marriage.
Relationship Building
   1. He establishes and maintains healthy relationships.
   2. He takes the initiative to meet new people; he is friendly.
   3. He is a conversationalist, including listening skills.
   4. He is a team builder who equips others for effective ministry.
   5. He is empathetic and compassionate towards others.
   6. He displays patience and sincerity with others.
Leadership Abilities
   1. He has a clear and reproducible system for leadership development.     
   2. He has shown that he is able to accomplish tasks with limited resources.
   3. He has the ability to raise up men to become leaders in church, home, business and community.
   4. He portrays resilience under opposition and setbacks.
   5. He is adaptable to meet needs, identify barriers and articulate vision. 
   6. He organizes teams of people to accomplish goals (using time, resources and personnel effectively).
   7. He demonstrates courage to lead others who are not easily following.
Emotional Health & Stability
   1. He is able to identify his own strengths and weaknesses.
   2. He displays confidence without arrogance.
   3. He is able to accept constructive criticism and input from others.
   4. He is willingly accountable to others in community.
   5. He exhibits flexibility and adaptability to changes and needs
   6. He is a problem-solver.
Missional Lifestyle
   1. He consistently and effectively shares his faith with others in a manner understood by the unchurched.
   2. He is committed and passionate to reach the unchurched throughout the entire city.
   3. He understands the cultural context of his proposed church plant (behaviors, attitudes and idols).
   4. He leads others in a missional lifestyle.
   5. He has meaningful relationships and rapport with unchurched people. 
   6. He is a cultural fit to the area where the church will be planted.
Disciple Making Skills
   1. He has a clear and effective plan for discipleship.
   2. He preaches with effectiveness.
   3. He is skilled in establishing and multiplying gospel communities (discipleship, missional small groups, learning teams, etc.).
   4. He inspires others toward maturity.
   5. He models a lifestyle of following Jesus.
Entrepreneurial Aptitude
   1. He has demonstrated past successes in starting new ventures.
   2. He is an innovative and strategic visionary.
   3. He is highly energetic and enthused about starting new work.
   4. He shows ability to enlist others in new ventures.
   5. He is a self-starter.
   6. He has a willingness to work intensely for an extended period of time.


- Immersion in Missional Community life with your family
- Personal coaching, training, and discipleship by Sacred City Elders
- Development of preaching abilities through weekly sermon preparation and monthly preaching lab with Sacred City Elders
- Development of leadership gifts through Missional Community Huddles and other trainings with Sacred City Elders
- Opportunities to continue your theological education through Porterbrook Quad Cities and/or Midwestern Seminary
- Paid position with benefits (Church Planting Residency Only)
- Potential scholarships and fundraising opportunities. 
- Opportunity to plant as part of Sacred City Church Network and/or The Acts29 Network upon completion of residency and assessment
- Future financial support for church plant





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