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Sacred City Life Podcast

Rounding out Jared Wilson's seminar day talks, he talks about doing discipleship in the context of community.

Today we are continuing our discussion around creating culture, but honing in on how to cultivate and create Gospel culture in our MC's.

Onward to Chapter 9 on the subject of Free Will!

Everyone is under an ultimate authority. The question is - who?

Let's round out Chapter 8 on Christ the Mediator!

We're digging in a little more and going beyond the sermon on the Rhythm of Recreate!

We're moving right along in Chapter 8, and going deeper still into some Christology.

Today's audio comes from Jared Wilson's sessions at our latest Porterbrook seminar. In this session He talks about the power of discipleship.

Christians are learners. A primary way we can grow in our identity as learners is by reading good books. But how do we do that well? How can you become a person who reads more books?


The Elders of Sacred City have recently wrote a new position paper regarding cohabitation. We discuss that in this episode, and why it is such an important matter right now. Link to position paper: https://bit.ly/3f3XtTo


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