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David & Goliath (November 26)

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This week our lesson was titled "David & Goliath" from 1 Samuel 16:14-17:58. Use the teaching points below to help guide your family worship time this week.

Bible Truth: Salvation Belongs To The Lord!

Teaching Points
God transfers authority from Saul to David—

Here we see God beginning to transfer authority from Saul to David. God removes his Spirit from Saul, brings David into the king’s palace, and begins to give him favor. It is interesting that Saul was comforted by David’s music for even today psalms that David wrote bring great comfort to God’s people.

God’s Spirit is the real source of courage—

Now that God’s Spirit has been removed from Saul, he is terrified and helpless against Goliath. But David is bold as the Spirit of God fills him with courage and faith. David is angry when he sees Goliath defying the armies of Israel.

David confronts and kills Goliath—

To David, Goliath is not threatening the army of Saul, the human king; he is threatening the army of God, the divine King. David knows that it is God who rules over Israel regardless of who might be on a human throne, and he knows that salvation comes only from God. This is why David knows that Goliath can be defeated, and this is why David will become a greater king than Saul.

Gospel Connection - Where Is Jesus?

How does today’s Bible story fit into God’s greater plan of redemption?

Read 1 Samuel 17:47.

Who are you most like in this story: Goliath, Saul and the men of Israel, or David? We all would like to think we are like David, but when trials come to us, we can struggle to trust God like the men of Israel did.

The truth is that we are more like the men of Israel than we realize. We all have a giant in our lives—sin. We can’t conquer that giant by ourselves. Like Israel, we need a Savior who will fight and conquer our giant for us. David was the man God sent to save Israel from the enemy, Goliath; and Jesus is the man God sent to save us from our enemy, sin.

David offered to take up Goliath’s challenge to come forward and represent Israel. If he won, Israel would win; if he lost, all of Israel would become servants of the Philistines. Like David, Jesus stood in our place. Now everyone who trusts in him shares in his victory over sin.


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