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Gospel-Centered Life Class

Welcome to the Gospel-Centered Life Class, a learning environment of Sacred City Church. GCL Class exists to equip new believers or people who are simply new to Sacred City Church on the fundamentals of the Gospel and its implications for all of life. Below you will find the resources for each session. 

Session 1: The Gospel Grid

Session 1 Audio      Session 1 Notes Handout

Session 2: Pretending & Performing

Session 2 Audio      Session 2 Notes Handout

Session 3: Believing the Gospel

Session 3 Audio    Session 3 Notes Handout

Session 4: Repentance

Session 4 Audio      Session 4 Notes Handout

Session 5: Forgiveness

Session 5 Audio      Session 5 Notes Handout

Session 6: Conflict

Session 6 Audio      Session 6 Notes Handout

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