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MC Leader Resources

Our desire at Sacred City is to provide our MC Leaders with the training and tools they need to lead their Missional Communities well. Additionally, we want to provide them with gospel-rich curriculum to use in their MCs. This Resource Page contains the master list for both training and development, and curriculum so that all are easily accessible.

Training & Development Tools

New to MC leadership? Start here!

MC Leadership Manual

The place to start with all the basics you need to know about being an MC Leader!
Find it here!

MC Leader & Discipleship Development Tool

An all-encompassing questionnaire tool to help you and those in your MC discover where you're at in your discipleship, and what your next steps in discipleship might be. 
Find it here!

Porterbrook Quad Cities

Porterbrook is our local theological training program, designed to make real leaders in real life. This two-year program of study will train you with the practical theology you need to make disciples in your MC. Haven't done Porterbrook yet? Then it's likely your next step!
Learn more about Porterbrook here!

Additional Training & Development Resources

SOMA Communities MC Training Videos

Saturate Disciple-making Resources

Everyday Disciple & Lifeschool Podcast

Fight Club System Information

X-Ray Questions

MC Check In

Discipleship Check In

June 2017 Huddle Video

August 2017 Huddle Video

September 2017 Huddle Video

MC Training: Mission-Critical Conflict


MC Curriculum Library


The Gospel Primer

The title is pretty self-explanatory, but this eight week guide is essential for getting grounded in our gospel identity and growing in gospel fluency - strengthening new or old Missional Communities and laying the groundwork for a vibrant MC Family.
Request the books  Download the PDF Leader Guide

Identities & Rhythms

We have been give a new identity in Christ because of the gospel. We are now part of God's family on mission, sent to serve our world and learn to walk in His ways. This four-part video curriculum deepens our understanding of this new identity, and how it reshapes the normal rhythms of our life.
Video Playlist  Download the PDF Leader Guide

The Story Formed Way

Essential to our understanding of the Bible and the gospel story, The Story Formed Way spans the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation in the form of a simple story with the framework of Creation-Fall-Redemption-Restoration.
Download the PDF Leader Guide

Engaging in Stories

Engaging In Stories is a natural response to finishing The Story Formed Way. The story of God, and the Creation-Fall-Redemption-Restoration framework, shapes each of our own individual stories, and as each person shares their story, your MC family should be able to listen well and apply the gospel to one another.
Download the PDF Leader Guide

Gospelling Handbook

Applying the gospel (or "gospelling") to one another's stories is important and careful work. The Gospelling Handbook provides simple "rules" to follow as we gospel, as well as some helpful questions to ask as you gospel someone.
Download the PDF

The Four G’s

God is great so I don't have to be in control; God is glorious so I don't have to fear others; God is good so I don't have to look elsewhere; God is gracious so I don't have to prove myself. These four truths of God's character are foundational in our belief in the gospel and our rest in the finished work of Jesus.
Download the PDF Here

The Gospel-Centered Life

The gospel should shape every piece of our life. The Gospel-Centered Life equips us to see and believe the gospel in various aspects of everyday life, to live life more fully as people who enjoy Jesus.
Let Us Know You Need It!

Ephesians: How Jesus Creates a New People In a New World

Scripture, studied in community and enlightened by the Spirit, changes us. This curriculum navigates the book of Ephesians with a gospel-ear for the essentials of the Christian life, challenging us to examine what we believe, who we are, and how we live.
Find it here!


Called Together: A Guide to Forming Missional Communities

Called Together is a great starting place for a brand new or recently multiplied Missional Community, and can also be a good refresher for any MC that needs to be brought back to our gospel-community-mission foundation. (You can request the hard copy leader guides, and we've also created a handout to go along with them.)
Let Us Know You Need It!  Download the PDF Handout

The Gospel-Centered Community

The Gospel-Centered Community helps MCs learn how the gospel brings together diverse people and shapes them into a community centered on Christ.
Let Us Know You Need It!

Expectations in Missional Community 

Everyone comes into community with expectations for others. But not all expectations are biblical (or even reasonable!). Based on the content of past MC Trainings, this resource is a greatly needed reminder for many people (including you!) in your MC families.
Download the PDF

Generosity: Responding to God’s Radical Grace in Community

Radically ordinary generosity - with our money, time, homes, and other resources - is foundational to real Christianity. The gospel changes our hearts and causes us to be generous givers in all areas of life, and this study will help your MC grow as such givers!
Let Us Know You Need It!

The Relational & Healthy Soul

In recent years, we've utilized the Enneagram personality profile as a tool to help learn more about the ways God has created each person to relate to Himself and to other people. To help lead us in this, we had Rich Plass & Jim Cofield, authors of The Relational Soul join us two years in a row for special weekend conferences on becoming relationally healthy people. We're happy to provide video material from both these conferences, as well as a specific curriculum walking through the Enneagram itself.
The Relational Soul Seminar  The Healthy Soul Conference  Enneagram Spiritual Formation Curriculum PDF

Working ON Your MC

It can be easy to get lost in the work IN our MCs - the tasks and responsibilities that come with making disciples and holding MC gatherings. In this video from Pastor Justin, we learn to lead healthier MCs by working ON them by focusing on the vision and culture of our MCs.
Watch the video here!


Mission Drift 

All things (people, businesses, organizations, and MCs) naturally drift from their main mission. This video resource from Pastor Justin helps us diagnose where and how our MCs have drifted, so that we can lead them back to our central gospel-community-mission DNA.
Access the Video Here!  Download the PDF Handout

Post-It Note Night

We are missionaries. Mission isn't what we do - it's who we are. The Post-It Note Night helps your MC identify the people you're each on mission to, and what next steps might be as you grow relationships with those people and help them experience the gospel.
Download the PDF Here

Additional Curriculum Resources

Sermon-based Discussion Guide

Money Matters Curriculum

Biblical Guide to Giving

Gospel-Centered Marriage Curriculum

Ash Wednesday MC Curriculum



We also have many helpful resources on hand for other needs you may have such as pre-marriage counseling materials, content on addiction, writings on divorce and remarriage, and content from other past conferences we've held. 
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