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The Enneagram & Relational Soul

In March, 2018 we were joined for the first time by Rich Plass and Jim Cofield, who spent a weekend training us in the Enneagram - an ancient tool helpful for understanding our personalities and styles of relating to God and others. It's our joy to offer you all of the audio and video resources from that weekend here. 

We hope this is an ongoing benefit to Sacred City through our Missional Communities. Our hope is that as you work through this incredible seminar, God would indeed redeem the way you relate to himself and to others!

The Basics: Resources and Intro

The Enneagram Profile Test

The Relational Soul Seminar Booklet

Seminar Introduction (Video)          Seminar Introduction (Audio)         

The Triads of Personality Styles

The Heart Triad (Styles 2, 3, & 4) VIDEO

The Heart Triad AUDIO

The Head Triad (Styles 5, 6, & 7) and The Gut Triad (Styles 8, 9, & 1) VIDEO

The Head & Gut Triads AUDIO

Style Two: The Helping Person

Style Two VIDEO          Style Two AUDIO

Style Three: The Effective Person

Style Three VIDEO          Style Three AUDIO 

Style Four: The Creative Person

Style Four VIDEO          Style Four AUDIO

Style Five: The Wise Person

Style Five VIDEO          Style Five AUDIO

Style Six: The Loyal Person

Style Six VIDEO          Style Six AUDIO

Style Seven: The Joyful Person

Style Seven VIDEO          Style Seven AUDIO

Style Eight: The Powerful Person

Style Eight VIDEO          Style Eight AUDIO

Style Nine: The Peaceful Person

Style Nine VIDEO          Style Nine AUDIO

Style One: The Good Person

Style One VIDEO          Style One AUDIO

The Details: Wings & Arrows

Wings & Arrows VIDEO          Wings & Arrows AUDIO

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