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Our mission starts with a passion for the glory of God. Every human being is driven by a sense of glory. We live for the fame, the praise, the honor, the enjoyment of something. The gospel invites us to trade the lesser glory of created things for the infinite glory of our Creator. Compelled by his greatness, we orient our lives around him and his mission.

Therefore we make disciples who make disciples. To be a Christian is to be a disciple of Jesus (Acts 11:26) – a learner, a follower, an apprentice. Jesus commissioned his church to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20), which involves baptism (a symbol of initial faith in Jesus Christ) and teaching (the ongoing re-forming of our lives in Christ). The primary mission of the church is to lead people to faith in Jesus and to form them as disciples of Jesus. Everyone who follows Jesus is a disciple who has been empowered for ministry by the Holy Spirit to make new disciples of Jesus. We believe that most gospel ministry should be done in the everyday rhythms of life by normal Christians outside of the four walls of a church building.

We plant churches. As more and more people become disciples of Jesus, new churches are birthed. Church planting refers to the active multiplication of new churches – and this is the primary mission strategy we see in the New Testament. The book of Acts depicts the spread of a church-planting movement throughout Asia and Europe. Almost all of Paul’s letters were written to new churches either he or someone else he knew had started. We follow this biblical pattern by investing time, resources, and energy to launch, grow, and sustain new churches.

We renew our cities. The Gospel draws us in, changes us from the inside out, and then sends us back out into our cities as missionaries who work for the renewal of all things. We believe that the gospel has a deep, vital, and healthy impact on the arts, business, government, and media of any society. Therefore we are highly committed to support Christians’ engagement with culture, helping them work with excellence, distinctiveness, and accountability in their professions. The Gospel changes how we work, what we work for, and will eventually even change the places that we work. As more and more disciples are made and sent back into our city to bring the gospel to bear on their spheres of influence the city will be renewed. This is more than just an individual’s mission, all of our Missional Communities are on mission to a specific people and place in our city and work together for the redemption and renewal of that people group together. We are committed to sacrificially serving our neighbors whether they believe as we do or not. We do this by using our gifts and resources for the needs of others, especially the poor. And more than just meeting individual needs, we work for justice for the powerless.

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