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  • Phone: 563.210.1232
  • Email: info@sacredcitychurch
  • Office: 2816 Eastern Ave. #12 Daveport, IA 52807
  • Gathering: 2822 Eastern Ave. Davenport, IA 52807




Many churches offer a wide array of programs, events, and services in order to attract people and form them into disciples of Jesus. This program-centered approach to discipleship has a glaring weakness: while programs and events keep people busy, they rarely shape people’s souls. Too many Christians are spiritually immature and culturally unaware, isolated from the real world by a thick layer of church activities.

The structure of Sacred City is different by design. Our goal is for the gospel to shape us and to find expression in our actual lives. So we rely on a few simple structures to facilitate gospel formation. We gather together in missional communities for life on life spiritual formation, we come together weekly for worship in a Sunday Gathering, and we develop leaders through formal training and gospel-centered discipleship. Outside of these structures we seek to live a normal life in the city, expressing the gospel daily as we live out our gospel identities and rhythms. Rather than simply asking people to come to church we are seeking to be the church.


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